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Kimisitu Sacco

Tender No KSSL-ICT/CCS-08/2019
Closing Date 2019-09-10 11:00:00
Status Qualification Envelope Evaluation
Closing Date 2019-09-10 11:00:00


Download these documents to offer you more details before or during the bidding process

Requisite Documents

These are set of documents that you are expecte to upload before you submit bid

  • Company Profile - Company Profile pdf
  • Certificate of incorporation - Certificate of incorporation or registration pdf
  • Business Permit - Current trade license or business permit pdf
  • VAT Certificate - VAT Certificate pdf
  • Tax Compliance Certificate - Tax Compliance Certificate from Revenue Authority pdf
  • Company PIN - Company PIN pdf
  • Form of Tender - Provide Form of Tender in format provided pdf
  • Audited Financial Statements - Certified Audited Books of Accounts for the past 3 years (2015/2016/2017/2018) zip
  • Self Declaration Form - Must submit a certified dully filled up self-declaration form in format provided signed and stamped pdf
  • Manufacturers authorisation - Manufacturers Authorization letter or contracts for various applications zip
  • Trade References - Submit three reference letters from clients for similar work. zip
  • CR12 Form - CR12 of the owners of the organization pdf
  • Communications Authority Permit - Must be licensed by the Communications Authority (CA) to provide such services pdf
  • Service Level Agreement - Must provide a detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA) that will eventually form part of the annual maintenance contract. pdf
  • Additional Innovative Suggestion - Additional innovative suggestion on the improvement of the proposed system and services that can be offered through the system will be considered in the bidder’s favor pdf
  • Proposed Work Plan - Drawings, Maps, work schedules and other relevant information zip
  • Purchase Orders or Contracts - Contracts , Purchase orders for similar projects in last 5 years zip
  • CVs of lead management and Technical Team - CVs of teams involved in proposed project zip
  • Evidence of Active Research - Provide evidence of the existence of an active Research and Development section within their organization zip
  • Evidence of Customer Support - Provide evidence of the existence of an active customer support section within the organization pdf
  • Sample URL - Five (5) URLs for websites using the vendor’s call center solution pdf
  • Case Studies - Case studies focusing on call center solution, and collaboration for past implementations of similar scope. pdf
  • Sample Project Plan - Sample project plan for past implementation of similar scope pdf
  • Sample Call Center software documentation - Sample Call Center software documentation pdf
  • Sample business process flows - Sample business process flows to the proposed Call Center solution. pdf
  • Case Studies - Case studies of previous customers using proposed technology pdf
  • Other Standard Forms - Other Standard Forms required to support your proposal zip
  • Price Schedule - Duly completed price schedule as per parameters indicated on page 45 pdf


As a supplier, select the categories that fit your business model

  • Building and Civil works Contractors
  • Property owners and property agents
  • Professionals in building Construction
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Office Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Provision of Tax Services
  • Administration and Governance
  • Administration and Governance - Strategic Plan
  • Security
  • ICT Services