Registration of Suppliers for Goods and Services for Years 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 in Kenya - Bid Particulars

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HJF Medical Research International, Inc. (HJFMRI)

Tender No HJFMRI/Reg/KE 2018/2020
Description Registration of Suppliers for Goods and Services for Years 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 in Kenya
Closing Date 2018-09-14 16:00:00
Additional Details Registration of Suppliers for Goods and Services for Years 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 in Kenya
Status Evaluation Frozen
Closing Date 2018-09-14 16:00:00


Download these documents to offer you more details before or during the bidding process

Requisite Documents

These are set of documents that you are expecte to upload before you submit bid

  • IRA certificate - Certificate from Insurance Regulatory Authority pdf
  • Company Profile - Company Profile pdf
  • Certificate of incorporation - Certificate of incorporation or registration pdf
  • VAT Certificate - VAT(Value added tax) registration certificate pdf
  • Business Permit - Current trade license or business permit pdf
  • Professional certificate - Certificates from affiliated regulatory or accrediting bodies/associations zip
  • Tax Compliance Certificate - Current Tax Compliance Certificate pdf
  • Evidence of Physical Location of Business Premise - Contract, title deed, lease or tenancy agreement pdf
  • Letters of recommedation - Three (3) letters of recommendation from your corporate/major clients zip
  • Audited Accounts - Audited accounts for the last two years or 6 months Bank Statements zip
  • Sworn Statement - Print sworn statement under section III, sign, scan and upload pdf
  • PIN Certificate - PIN Certificate of your company pdf
  • CV of Directors and Senior Management - Curriculum Vitae for directors and senior management if not included under company profile zip


As a supplier, select the categories that fit your business model

  • HJFMRI-KEN-001 - Supply of General Office Stationery
  • HJFMRI-KEN-002 - Supply of General Supplies (e.g. Milk, Sugar, Detergents, Drinking Water, Toiletries, etc.)
  • HJFMRI-KEN-003 - Provision of Designing, Printing, Photocopying and Binding Services
  • HJFMRI-KEN-004 - Supply of cleaning materials (detergents and disinfectants)
  • HJFMRI-KEN-005 - Supply of Branded Merchandise (T-Shirts, Caps, Bags and other Clothing Items)
  • HJFMRI-KEN-006 - Supply, Repair and Maintenance of Office Furniture & Fittings
  • HJFMRI-KEN-007 - Supply and Installation of First Aid Equipment and Supplies
  • HJFMRI-KEN-008 - Provision of Hotels, Conference and Accommodation Services
  • HJFMRI-KEN-009 - Provision of pest Control and fumigation Services
  • HJFMRI-KEN-010 - Provision of laboratory Sample shipment Services
  • Provision of Air Ticketing Services/ Travel Agency Services
  • HJFMRI-KEN-012 - Provision of Research and Consultancy Services
  • Provision of supply, installation and servicing and maintenance of fire alarm systems
  • Provision of supply, installation and servicing and maintenance of firefighting equipment
  • Supply and Maintenance of ICT Equipment, UPS, Computers, Laptops, Scanners, Software, Cameras, Printers and Related Consumables
  • HJFMRI-KEN-016 - Provision of Telecommunication Services (Switchboards, Airtime, Intercom, Phones)
  • HJFMRI-KEN-017 - Provision of Internet Services and Lease Lines to Branches
  • HJFMRI-KEN-018 - Provision of supply, installation and servicing and maintenance of generators
  • HJFMRI-KEN-019 - Supply and Delivery of Electrical Equipment, Appliances, Fittings and Electronic Supplies
  • HJFMRI-KEN-020 - Supply, Delivery and Installation of Air Conditioning Equipment, Servicing and Maintenance
  • HJFMRI-KEN-021 - Provision of Transport, Taxi Hire and Car Hire Services
  • HJFMRI-KEN-022 - Provision of Repair, Service, Maintenance of Motor Vehicles and Motor Cycles (Garage Services)
  • HJFMRI-KEN-023 - Provision of Vehicle Body Fabrication and Upholstery Services
  • HJFMRI-KEN-024 - Provision of Fleet Management Solution
  • - Supply and Delivery of Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle Spare Parts.
  • HJFMRI-KEN-026 - Supply of Motor Vehicle Consumables, Fuel, Lubricants, Oils, Batteries and Accessories
  • HJFMRI-KEN-027 - Supply of Motor Vehicle Tires and Tubes, Related Services (Fitting, Alignment and Wheel Balancing Services.)
  • HJFMRI-KEN-028 - Supply of Pharmaceutical, Non-Pharmaceutical and Clinical Supplies
  • HJFMRI-KEN-029 - Supply of Laboratory Reagents, Consumables and Equipment
  • HJFMRI-KEN-030 - Contractors for Installation, Servicing and Repairs of Laboratory Equipment
  • HJFMRI-KEN-031 - Supply and Delivery of Protective Health and Safety Equipment, Supplies, Clothing
  • HJFMRI-KEN-032 - Supply of consultancy for architectural services, quantity survey, construction supervision and civil engineering
  • HJFMRI-KEN-033 - Contractor for construction works and building maintenance
  • HJFMRI-KEN-034 - Provision of general security services (guards, alarm system)
  • HJFMRI-KEN-035 - Development of Biometric Application (fingerprint) for registration and documentation of attendance at program supported trainings
  • HJFMRI-KEN-036 - Provision of clearing and forwarding services
  • HJFMRI-KEN-037 - Provision of courier services
  • HJFMRI-KEN-038 - Provision of liquid nitrogen and other laboratory gases
  • HJFMRI-KEN-039 - Provision of sanitary services
  • HJFMRI-KEN-040 - Provision of event management (outside catering, decorations, tents & chairs, public address etc.)
  • HJFMRI-KEN-041 - Provision of building materials, hardware, tools, paints and fittings
  • HJFMRI-KEN-042 - Supply of office furniture and other furnishings
  • HJFMRI-KEN-043 - Provision of Medical Consultancy services
  • HJFMRI-KEN-044 -Provision of Incenerator Services
  • HJFMRI-KEN-045 - Provision of Hearse Services