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Kimisitu Sacco

Tender No KSSL/BWCP/03/2019
Closing Date 2019-04-08 14:30:00
Status Qualification Envelope Evaluation
Closing Date 2019-04-08 14:30:00


Download these documents to offer you more details before or during the bidding process

  • Prequalification Guide and Instructions Download
  • SRMhub Supplier Manual Download

Requisite Documents

These are set of documents that you are expecte to upload before you submit bid

  • Certificate of incorporation - Certificate of incorporation or registration pdf
  • Business Permit - Current trade license or business permit pdf
  • Tax Compliance Certificate - Tax Compliance Certificate from Revenue Authority pdf
  • CR12 Form - CR12 certificate obtained from Registrar of Companies pdf
  • Declaration Form - Print Declaration form on Section XII of Vendor guide, stamp sign, scan and upload pdf
  • Tender Form - Tender Form under Section VII of Vendor Guide. Print, sign, stamp, scan and upload pdf
  • National Construction Authority Certificate - Registration Certificate issued by National Construction Authority (NCA) pdf
  • Purchase Orders or Contracts - Submission of a list of completed works done within the last five (5) years and indicating the total contract sums and / or Final Account statements in each of the projects (the list of executed works must include completion certificates, handover certificates, certificates of making good defects, contacts for the clients, project managers, Architects, Engineers and / or Quantity Surveyors) zip
  • Evidence of Ownership of Equipment and Tools - Evidence of ownership of equipment and tools and evidence to be given vide log books bearing the company‚Äôs name. (Give a list and type of relevant construction tools and equipment owned by the company evidenced by ownership documents. Provide documentary evidence of ability to lease or hire relevant tools and equipment not owned by the company) zip
  • CVs and Staff Lists - A list of Names and ranks of employees together with the assigned responsibilities together with certified copies of Curriculum Vitae and certified copies of certificates for all the Management/at least 2 Key Technical personnel (certified by an Advocate or commissioner for oaths) zip
  • Safety Program, policies and Work Practices - Submission of evidence of an established safety program, policies and work practices zip
  • Committment to Carry Out Building & Civil Works and Maintenance - Submission of commitment to carry out quality works as per section XIII of the Vendor guide. pdf
  • Professional Certificates - Professional Certificates for the company and practicing certificate for technical personnel zip
  • Certificate for Youth Women and PWD - For Youth, women and persons with disabilities - Submission of Youth, Women and Persons with Disabilities certificate. pdf
  • Letters of Recommendation - Accomplishments: (previous & current projects of similar nature and magnitude) Details of building projects undertaken successfully within the last 5 years with evidence of 5 by letters of reference from clients, certificates of occupation and completion certificates for the respective projects. (For a project to qualify it must be at least 70% complete and not behind schedule. For Projects that are not completed, letters of reference from respective Architects, Quantity Surveyors or Engineers and Clients must be provided. zip
  • Letter of Application - Application letter to be prequalified as a potential bidder for goods and services under Section IV pdf
  • Company PIN - Company PIN pdf
  • Evidence of Physical Location of Business Premise - Lease agreement, title or contract for the business premises pdf
  • Statement of the Tenderer Form - Complete, sign, stamp and upload the Statement of Tenderer Form under Section VII of vendor guide pdf
  • Audited Financial Statements - Audited Financial Statements. The audited financial statements that have been reported in the last two (2) financial years from the date of the tender document. ( Not older than year 2016) The statement must be stamped and signed. The auditors must be currently registered as practicing by ICPAK. zip


As a supplier, select the categories that fit your business model

  • Building and Civil works Contractors
  • Property owners and property agents
  • Professionals in building Construction
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Office Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Provision of Tax Services
  • Administration and Governance
  • Administration and Governance - Strategic Plan
  • Security
  • ICT Services